Become a City Corn Crop Farmer

Date posted: 01 June 2014

Welcome to the City Crop blog!

In 2014 the City Crop in Adelaide Botanic Garden will be planted with heirloom sweet corn variety, True Gold and we need your help to get over 1,200 seeds in the ground.

For the first time the City Crop will be planted and harvested by children who will become our inaugural City Corn Crop farmers. Along the way our farmers will get hands on in the garden, discover the joy of growing their own fresh, healthy produce and learn all about the journey of food from ground to plate.

We hope you’ll join us, here’s how you can get involved

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  • Join us in Adelaide Botanic Garden on Sunday, 26 October to plant our City Corn Crop.
  • Return on Sunday, 1 February to harvest the crop and enjoy fresh corn straight from the garden.

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