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Meet Joe the Scarecrow!

Date posted: 29 July 2016

Welcome to another instalment of the Blog, Little Sprouters! Today we're trying something different. The first two parts of the blog, like normal, are for older Little Sprouts readers (that means you too, parents and teachers) and little tackers who read at an advanced level. But this month we're introducing some words from one of the Garden's most curious residents, Joe the Scarecrow! Joe's words are more suitable for three-to-six year-olds to read. We hope you enjoy hearing from Joe!

Menu for the seasons

The school holiday break has given us time to experiment with new recipes for the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden seasonal menu. We’ve tried making soup in a blender, pizza in a slow cooker and quesadillas using a toasted sandwich maker. Not all of our recipes will make it onto the kitchen garden menu, but it’s been fun testing (and, of course, tasting) them. We'll soon have a recipe page set up on the site, so you can download our recipes and make them with your kids.

To bee or not to bee

We talk a lot about bees at Little Sprouts. They're important not only for biodiversity, but also for the food we eat – and we’re not just talking about honey! Bees are responsible for one of every three mouthfuls of our food thanks to them pollinating plants. Leon, one of our visitors, recently told us,"I think people need to respect the bees". Thank you, Leon - we do need to respect bees!

Hello, Joe!

Hello, my name is Joe the Scarecrow.

I live in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden at Adelaide Botanic Garden.

My job is to scare the birds and make them go away, so they don’t eat our vegetables.

There have been lots of ducks in our garden this winter. They aren’t scared of me because I’m their friend. The naughty ducks ate some of our vegetables, but that’s ok – we will plant more.

Pip is our gardener. I watch her work in the garden. Pip has planted lots of winter vegetables. She planted garlic, lettuce, broad beans, snow peas, cauliflower, broccoli, silverbeet, beetroot and parsnips.

Parsnips are an unusual vegetable. They look like a carrot, but they are big and white. I like to eat parsnips roasted, or chopped up in my pasties.

Next time you visit the Botanic Garden, please visit me and say hi. I love to meet new people. Maybe you can take a photo with me and your parents can post it on Facebook or Instagram (#LittleSproutsJoe)?

I will write another blog soon. Until then, happy gardening!

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