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Ringing in spring at Little Sprouts

Date posted: 31 August 2016

Hello there, Little Sprouts! As we wave goodbye to winter, we wish you a fun and productive spring in the garden - here's to warmer weather, thriving veggie patches and, of course, delicious meals produced with goodness from the ground!

Summer's on the way

We're very lucky at Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden to have our plants grown for us by Matt Coulter, the Nursery Curator at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden. Matt has started growing our summer produce and we’re very excited. Matt's been growing pumpkins, zucchinis and tomatoes, to mention just a few. We’ll have a very colourful garden this summer with our Tigerella, Green Zebra and Mortgage Lifter tomatoes. We might even grow some sunflowers this year, which will give us more seeds for more pesto!

No weigh!

On the subject of harvests, our garden guru Pip recently worked out that in 2015/16 the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden produced about 250 kilograms of weighable produce. This included about 14 bunches of spring onions (10 in each bunch), three bunches of leeks (10 in a bunch), more than 100 stalks of rhubarb and gosh knows how many herbs! If you're wondering how heavy 250 kilograms is about the same weight as approximately two black bears or three kangaroos!

Soup in a blender

Our latest addition to our Little Sprouts menu is Herby Cheesey Potato Soup. We make it in a blender with parboiled potatoes. Admittedly, soup in a blender doesn’t sound great, but it is delicious and worth a try. One of our little visitors, Kate, asked for some leftover soup in a takeaway cup so she could walk around the gardens while drinking it. It’s the first time we’ve been asked for a takeaway order! Visit our Little Sprouts Recipes page for more quick and easy meals you can make at home or the classroom.

Joe the Scarecrow's Blog

Hi everyone!

I’m glad the weather is getting warmer. It’s been very cold and wet this winter. I might need a scarf for next winter. Now that we have more sunshine, we have butterflies visiting the garden.

Sometimes I see a naughty butterfly called the Cabbage White Butterfly. This butterfly lays eggs on our plants and then the caterpillars eat all our vegetables. The caterpillars really like eating broccoli, kale, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. They must be very healthy caterpillars! Pip uses a garlic spray on our plants because the caterpillars don’t like the taste.

The kids in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden are making potato soup. I tasted the soup and it was yummy! Ask your teacher or your parents if they can help you make it.

The ducks living near our garden have ducklings. If you come to the Botanic Gardens, look out for them. They're very cute!

See you next time. Happy gardening!

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