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Colchicum autumnale

Date posted: 12 March 2015

After a long hot summer, we always look forward to Autumn in the Gardens. One of the first signs the season is nearing is when the Colchicums come into flower. Admire the beauty in full flower in the rock garden at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden at present.

The common name for this group of plants is Autumn crocus (crocus flower in spring) and they are in fact a completely different genera. The Colchicums are classified as a corm which is an underground storage organ. The corms are dormant and resting through the summer months, and then when the season starts to turn the flowers emerge and put on a lovely flowering display!

Once the flowers finish the leaves emerge in spring putting energy into the corm for the following season once the leaves start to wither this energy is stored in the corm for the following season.

We get very excited when the Colchicums come into flower as it is the start of many beautiful plants either coming into flower and or the lovely autumnal colours that will soon be with us.

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