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A gift that stinks
05 February 2021

Find out how a pungent, putrid-smelling plant is being conserved at the botanic gardens... and why.

Revisiting Jack Kuhndt
19 December 2019

Now that it's come to an end, Jack reflects on his experience as part of the Aboriginal School Based Trainee Programme.

Flinders Ranges plants have a new home in Adelaide
02 October 2019

Find out how we are conserving native Flinders Ranges plants in Adelaide Botanic Garden..

Spot the Native Orchid!
06 September 2019

Check out the native orchids that have been spotted around the Botanic Gardens coming into spring.

Six things to do at Adelaide Botanic Garden in winter
09 July 2019

Don’t be put off by the cold and rain; we have plenty of indoor spots to enjoy nature at Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Winter Gardening Tips
07 June 2019

While it’s cold outside, work in the garden will give you a warm glow in both body and mind.

Meet Jack Kuhndt – our newest trainee
09 November 2018

Jack joins us as part of the School Based Trainee Programme - a fantastic horticulture programme for Aboriginal students

Volunteers spruce up Rose Garden in time for World convention
28 September 2018

A big thank you to our volunteers who have been busy sprucing up the International Rose Garden with plants donated from l

The people have spoken!
16 April 2018

Meet the 2018 National Rose Trial Garden People's Choice winner!

Happy International Day of Forests!
21 March 2018

Check out these spots in our Botanic Gardens to get your forest fix.

From Adelaide to Scotland with love
09 March 2018

We sent a packet of vulnerable spear lily seeds to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 1956 and one has started flowering!

Autumn gardening guide
01 March 2018

We ask Botanic Gardens curators and Diggers Club staff for their top autumn gardening tips.

Watch this baby turtle's journey from the Cactus Garden to First Creek Wetland
16 February 2018

Godspeed, little guy!

Two 'Extinct in the Wild' species at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
07 February 2018

Introducing Camellia amplexicaulis and Franklinia alatamaha.

In Bloom: Dahlias
15 January 2018

One of Adelaide Botanic Garden's most popular summer sights, the Dahlia Garden is in bloom.

World Environment Day celebrations recognised
19 December 2017

The Botanic Gardens' Education Team has picked up a coveted Green Globe Award!

Summer's for sunflowers
15 December 2017

These spectacular flowers aren't just a pretty face.

Birds of Adelaide Botanic Garden
13 December 2017

More than 100 bird species have been spotted in the Garden and Botanic Park - how many have you seen?

The Classground project
04 December 2017

Shedding light on a new Adelaide Botanic Garden project.

Summer gardening tips
01 December 2017

Botanic Gardens curators give you their top summer tips for your garden.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 87 results