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In 2015 Adelaide Botanic Garden’s City Crop was planted with Lucerne – a vastly important agricultural plant in Australia for grazing and/or hay production (aka food for cows!). But you might be more familiar with Lucerne in another delicious form – as alfalfa sprouts in your salads or sandwiches!

Lucerne was largely chosen for the City Crop because of its ability to improve soil nitrogen levels.

A stacked program of activities and events for all ages has been planned for the City Crop and will be rolled out until April 2017.

This blog will not only update you on all the happenings at City Crop, but tell the story of Lucerne and its importance, with fascinating regular information fun facts, photos and videos.

Some of the questions to be answered by the blog include:

  • Why is Lucerne important for soil?
  • What’s the difference between Lucerne and the alfalfa sprouts we eat?
  • Why is Lucerne so important to agriculture and animals?
  • How is the sun’s energy converted through the crop into a food source?
  • What has been genetic modification’s impact on Lucerne?
  • What are the dairy products produced through Lucerne? What are some non-dairy alternatives?

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The latest from City Crop

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Tread carefully: life in the soil
23 December 2016

You've admired the green foliage and pretty purple flowers at the City Crop, but what lies underneath?

South Australia's Dairy Trail
18 November 2016

Our City Crop tells the story of lucerne and the dairy industry - but how did dairy cows make it to SA?

Milk and much, much more
28 August 2016

Shining a light on the lucerne-fuelled products many of us consume each day.

Sustainable lucerne
21 July 2016

We know animals love it & it looks great in our botanic garden, but did you know lucerne's pretty sustainable too?

The history and science of lucerne breeding (part 2)
17 June 2016

Not all plants are created equal. Enter the plant breeder.

The history and science of lucerne breeding (part 1)
20 May 2016

While our City Crop is only a few years old, historical records suggest lucerne was introduced to Greece in about 490 BC!

The buzz around the Crop
22 April 2016

With our lucerne reaching peak flowering phase, our horticultural team is ready to lend a hand… or a hive of bees.

How to sow lucerne like a pro
24 March 2016

Meet commercial farmers the Vandenbrinks and learn how they sow their 1,500-hectare property.

7 easy steps to make hay
22 February 2016

When lucerne gets to the perfect length it's time for farmers to make hay!

City Crop Blog: Cows love lucerne!
07 January 2016

City Crop Blog: We speak to Mandy Pacitti from Misty Brae Holsteins, whose award-winning cows can't get enough lucerne.

Meet a lucerne scientist
01 December 2015

City Crop blog: This month we spoke to lucerne scientist, Alan, who we figured knew a thing or two about our Crop!

Amazing alfalfa
13 October 2015

City crop blog: what's the difference between lucerne and alfalfa (clue: one goes great on your sandwiches!)?

Why Lucerne?
18 September 2015

City Crop blog: It's not just the bellies of cows (and us!) that benefit from Lucerne, the soil loves it too.

Displaying 1 - 13 of 13 results