City Crop 2013 - Barley


The barley crop in Adelaide Botanic Garden is part of our ongoing mission to connect people with plants and to recognise the important role that farmers play in our lives. The barley crop is an opportunity for the community to experience a little bit of the country in the heart of the city and gain a true appreciation for where our food comes from.

Located in the south-east corner of Adelaide Botanic Garden, the 425m2 area is just the beginning of the story. Read the interpretative signage to learn more stories about barley and it's use. Access the Farmer's Trail through our MyParx app on your smart phone and explore Adelaide Botanic Garden, discovering other areas where edible produce is available.

Below is our Barley Blog, which will track the progress of the crop and teach you about the different stages of its growth.

The Barley Crop is proudly sponsored by Coopers Brewery.

It's all in the grain
15 April 2014

Did you know grain serves two purposes?

Ports and Exports
03 March 2014

With cropping complete it's time to export.

Using barley
03 March 2014

What is barley used for?

2013 barley production in South Australia
27 February 2014

Another year of cropping is now complete.

Managing plant nutrition - macro nutrients
19 December 2013

Our barley plants need a range of nutrients for optimal growth and development.

It’s harvest time
19 December 2013

The end of the crop cycle is near and we’re preparing for harvest.

Flowering and grain fill
04 December 2013

It is an exciting time for our barley crop as the plants are now flowering.

Navigator – setting a new standard
03 December 2013

Meet the man who is responsible for breeding the barley variety which is grown in the botanic gardens.

Meet a barley scientist
13 November 2013

This week we spoke to Associate Professor Rachel Burton to find out some interesting scientific facts about barley.

Barley diseases
08 November 2013

Unfortunately our barley plants have had two different fungal diseases.

Growing great grains!
08 November 2013

Read our interview with Peter Glover, one of SA’s largest grain producers, about growing malting barley.

Getting to the root of it!
01 November 2013

What happens below the surface is just as important as above when it comes to plants.

Soil - at the root of every great plant!
24 October 2013

Did you know there are more than one billion organisms in every teaspoon of soil?

Booting and ear emergence (growth stage 30 – 49)
01 October 2013

The early phase of stem elongation of our barley plants have progressed well, with the stems extending nicely.

Plant puberty
30 September 2013

The barley crop is going through a very important development phase – stem extension.

Tillering time
19 September 2013

Our barley crop is thriving, with the plants now reaching the tillering stage.

It's not easy being green
26 August 2013

Our barley seedlings are thriving with healthy green leaves and a strong and developed root system.

The wonders of a germinating grain
13 August 2013

Have you been in and looked at our barley plot lately? The grains have started to germinate.

Bringing a little country to the city!
19 July 2013

The country is coming to the city with a mini crop of barley being planted at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.