City Crop 2014 - Corn



In 2014 the City Crop in Adelaide Botanic Garden will be planted with heirloom sweet corn variety, True Gold. For the first time children will be the farmers, planting and harvesting the crop, getting hands on in the garden and discovering the joy of growing fresh, healthy food.

Everyone is invited to join this exciting project, our City Crop blog will provide all the corn information, facts, tricks and techniques required to become a City Corn Crop farmer with us or at home.

Harvesting sweet corn
24 November 2014

Learn to identify ripe corn cobs ahead of Harvest Day in Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Corn Varieties
23 November 2014

Discover sweet corn, field corn and popcorn.

City Crop starts to grow
05 November 2014

The City Crop is starting to grow in Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Preparing the City Crop
14 October 2014

We're preparing the city crop for Planting Day on 26, October.

True Gold Heirloom Sweet Corn
07 October 2014

This year’s City Crop will be grown from some very special seeds.

Caring for your corn
30 September 2014

How to care for your corn as it grows.

Planting your corn seeds.
22 September 2014

How to plant your True Gold heirloom sweet corn.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
25 July 2014

Visit the Botanic Gardens of South Australia at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Growing Corn
25 July 2014

Tips to select and prepare your sweet corn patch at home.

Growing corn in pots
24 July 2014

Discover how to grow yummy sweet corn in pots.

Heirloom corn on show
22 July 2014

Discover heirloom corn at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Become a City Corn Crop Farmer
01 June 2014

Become a City Corn Crop farmer with the Botanic Gardens of South Australia.