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The latest from the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden.

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Spring plantings, beetroots and bothersome birds
17 August 2017

It's all hands on deck in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden!

Bean families, detectives and ladybirds
21 April 2017

Term One is done and dusted - come and see what's been happening in the garden!

The old and the new
01 March 2017

With Little Sprouts sessions set to resume this month, we look at new developments in the Garden, plus a very old crop!

Surrounded by sunflowers
27 January 2017

There's been a lot happening in the Garden before classes kick off in March, including our stunning sunflowers!

Beetroots, flowers and magpies
29 November 2016

It's out with the old and in with the new in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden.

Summer's a-comin'
04 November 2016

Summer crops, ladybirds and Joe's favourite food

A visit from Kim
28 September 2016

Our gardening friend Kim Syrus visits Little Sprouts, workshop bookings selling fast & we hear from Joe the Scarecrow.

Ringing in spring at Little Sprouts
31 August 2016

Summer plantings, yummy recipes and naughty caterpillars!

Meet Joe the Scarecrow!
29 July 2016

And other healthy happenings in the kitchen garden.

Pip's plantings and winter pesto
30 June 2016

Our curator Pip's been finishing off winter plantings, while winter pesto's getting a workout.

Nuts about kitchen gardening
30 May 2016

Just days away from winter, we look at the newest additions to the garden, including a new nutrient-packed nut!

Little Sprouts turns one!
29 April 2016

A happy birthday and other healthy happenings in the Garden.

Watermelons, ladybirds and fine feasts
31 March 2016

Our Visiting Program begins, while juices prove popular and ladybirds thrive!

Bugs, bulldozers and bountiful produce
29 February 2016

What a month it's been for Little Sprouts, with big changes happening in the Garden ahead of the year's first sessions.

Little Sprouts Blog: The bee's knees
29 January 2016

Little Sprouts Blog: Native blue-banded bees and their unique flower headbanging feature at the Kitchen Garden!

Displaying 1 - 15 of 15 results