The worms are back!

Date posted: 26 March 2019


During the summer, over the really hot days, the worms had a holiday inside the Goodman Building. 

Just like people, worms like the cool air-conditioning on those really, really hot days.

They lived in the corridor, and the people who work in the offices fed them each day.

We discovered worms are not house trained, and there was a bit of worm ‘wee’ on the floor. But, it is easy to clean up, and does not smell like dog and cat wee.

Worms play a big part of the ‘animals’ who live in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden. Students who visit the garden learn what worms really love to eat, what they dislike, and how interesting they are as animal. And, what they feel like on their hands.

Worms are just one of the interesting animals you will meet in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden when you come to visit.


See you soon!