Project Space Botany

Can you survive one year living on Mars, using plants and experimental technologies?

Project Space Botany reimagines the iconic indoor rainforest of the Bicentennial Conservatory as an Augmented Reality Biodome Simulator for space travel.

Students, or 'Futurenauts' are given the gamified app Project Space Botany and asked to plan and build a Biodome using plant science and planetary sphere knowledge to survive one year.

The Project Space Botany app propels students through the living collection, using the digital app.

Students must manage their resources to design an optimal closed-loop system of resource use which is reflected in the ten Planetary Sphere and Plant Science stations housed within the Conservatory.

Students come away with an understanding of how humanity might have a future among the stars - with plants!

When: Mondays and Fridays during school term

Age suitability: Year 4 to Year 10 Science Curriculum

Duration: 60 minutes

Botanic Gardens will supply a class set of iPads for all Project Space Botany bookings.

Please note: This program is for school classes only. School holiday bookings for the general public are periodically posted on our What's On page.

This program is supported by the Department for Education. All video content on this page has been provided by Monkeystack.

Project Space Botany

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