World Environment Day

Bring your students to leafy Adelaide Botanic Garden to celebrate World Environment Day!

Since 1996, Adelaide Botanic Garden has educated tens of thousands of SA school students at its annual World Environment Day celebration.

The fun-filled day raises awareness and educates young South Australians on global and local issues relating to the environment, and action we can all take to address them.

World Environment Day
is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

We look forward to welcoming students to the Gardens in 2025!


Here are some teaser videos, where students can learn more about the environment in this special World Environment Day video series, generously supported by RAA.


Find out all about the First Creek Wetlands in Adelaide Botanic Garden from Mak, Education Coordinator at the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium.

In the video, children can learn how wetlands work, and why they are important.

First Creek Wetlands

Indigenous Culture

In this video, viewers will learn about Indigenous culture in Australia, with Educator Trent Hill.

Indigenous Culture

Musical Plants

Can you find out if a musical instrument you like is made from plants? Which part of the plant is used?

Musical Plants

Dinosaur Diet

What is a coniferous plant/a conifer? (Hint: they're woody!)

Can you find out which coniferous plants might have made up a dinosaur's diet?

Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaur Poo

Australian Animals

Meet some Australian critters in this special World Environment Day video with the Nature Education Centre.

Australian Critters

Check out the Botanic Gardens of SA video below to see previous celebrations of students and teachers enjoying the World Environment Day celebrations.

Video footage from the 2018 event in Adelaide Botanic Garden

Climate change resource

Want to learn or teach about Climate Change? Check out this online resource from Green Adelaide which explains the science and provides activity inspiration, thought starters and further information.

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