Create a Night-Time Wonderland



Adelaide Botanic Garden is moving into exciting times with a new project that will bring night and life to the Garden after dark.

A walk in the Garden in daylight can lead to the discovery of hidden treasures, but at night the Garden is transformed into another world. In summer the cicadas hum, and the delicate swoosh of bat wings evoke a mysterious landscape of secret knowledge.

Gentle illumination with environmentally sustainable lighting will provide opportunities for exciting night time events. It will allow the Garden to become a unique evening venue where visitors can roam freely in the twilight.

Our new lighting will use mobile green technology storing solar generated power during the day.

We will keep you updated with the progress of this exciting project and, once complete, will invite you to witness first hand a garden experience transformed.

A generous gift from you today will help to achieve this.

$250  will contribute to environmentally sustainable lighting to bring our 150 year old avenue of Moreton Bay Figs to life at night.

$500  will help build a battery recharge station to store solar power generated during the day.

$1000  will help install more solar panels so our night lighting can be carbon neutral.

$5000  will help build a boardwalk to protect the roots of our Moreton Bay Figs from increased foot traffic.