Garden Tributes



Make a donation on behalf of a friend or family member – whether at a time of loss or to celebrate a birthday, Christmas, wedding or another important day.

Garden Seat Celebration Program

Each garden seat at Adelaide, Mount Lofty and Wittunga Botanic Gardens tells an individual story and has its own personality. It may be near a particular plant that flowers at a certain time of the year or nearby water where wildlife gathers for sustenance.

A Garden Seat can be a legacy or a memorable gift for a family member who shares your passion for the Botanic Gardens of South Australia.

A donation of $7,500 or more to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Foundation will maintain a plaque acknowledging your loved one on a seat in Adelaide, Mount Lofty or Wittunga Botanic Garden for 10 years.

For more information on the Garden Seat Celebration Program please contact the Foundation by calling 08 8222 9311 or emailing us.

Gifts in Memoriam

We recognise that at times of loss, you may look for a special way to remember your loved one, their special interests and passions.

Rather than the traditional gift of flowers, some families choose to support the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Foundation.

If you’d like to honour your loved one by providing support for the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, kindly ask your funeral director to contact the Foundation (by calling 08 8222 9311 or emailing us) for in memoriam envelopes.

Gifts in Celebration

What do you give someone who has everything? By celebrating a birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, or other important day, your gifts can contribute to the Gardens.

Not only will you know that your gift supports an iconic project within the Gardens, you’ll also receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation our official Foundation Newsletter, which includes updates on the project you contributed to.

The celebrating friend or family will also receive a personalised letter from The Adelaide Botanic Gardens Foundation advising them that a donation has been made by you on their behalf in honour of their special celebration.

To receive a Gifts in Celebration information packet, please contact the Foundation by calling 08 8222 9311 or emailing us.