Plant a Pea in our Seed Orchard



South Australia’s native peas are a beautiful and delicate group of plants, but they can be difficult to find. Some are only found in one small region, and many face threats from habitat loss and competition with introduced species.

‘We have been working hard to ensure our native species survive. Over 70% of SA’s threatened species are currently safely stored as seeds, preserved in our Seed Bank at sub-zero temperatures. But for some of our native peas our seed storage levels are critically low.

We need to move beyond just safe seed storage into actively boosting our native seed supply so we have a better chance of repopulating areas where the species has been lost.

The solution to this problem is a Seed Orchard. A dedicated area inside the Botanic Gardens, growing threatened SA plants, from which we can harvest even more seeds.

A gift from you today will help build a seed orchard to save our threatened plants.