South Australian Seed Conservation Centre



Did you know 1 in 4 of South Australia’s native plant species are threatened? Help us save these rare and endangered plant species from extinction.

The South Australian Seed Conservation Centre’s experts scour the state to collect and conserve endangered seeds, ensuring they remain for future generations, and we’re aiming to raise $50,000 to allow them to continue their vital work.

Your donation is critical to ensure the Seed Conservation Centre can continue this vital program.

Read more about the SA Seed Conservation Centre’s work, and learn about how it helps nurture SA’s next generation of environmental custodians with the SEEDS project. You can also check out their latest travels via the Seed Hunters Blog.

$50 will pay for the imagery of a seed for a specific plant species and its upload to the Seeds of South Australia website.

$150 will pay for the cleaning, processing and storage of a rare plant collection.

$300 will pay for the field search and collection of a plant species in regional SA

$1,000 will pay for the field search, collection and laboratory germination testing of a rare plant species

$5,000 will allow for the dedicated germination research of one species, including laboratory consumables and chemicals to assist with re-introduction to the South Australian landscape

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