Help us grow a forest of smelly giants



We're growing one of the world's largest and most spectacular flowers - the Amorphophallus titanum or Titan Arum. But you might know it better as the Corpse Flower!

This species is threatened and is extremely difficult to cultivate. As a solitary plant in the wild, the Titan Arum relies on its foul smell to attract insects, which carry pollen and cross-fertilise the plant.

Because they're solitary and only flower for 48 hours (taking around 10 years to flower from seed), very few people have been lucky enough to see one in the wild. The Titan Arum is threatened by deforestation to make way for palm oil plantations in its native Sumatra.

We've had spectacular success with our Titan Arum plants. Last summer we had two plants flower - the first for South Australia - and in our Nursery our horticulturalists' pioneering leaf-cutting techniques have seen us propagate several young Titan Arum plants.

Despite our success, our Titan Arum plants will soon outgrow their home, which means we must find the funds to heat our other two Nursery glasshouses so we can move our growing Corpse Flowers.

A gift from you today can help ensure the conservation of these rare plants.

The Titan Arum is just one example of the important work being done by our Botanic Gardens to help conserve threatened plants. We're also developing and trialling our cutting-edge propagation techniques with critically endangered native SA species, so upgrading our nurseries will improve conservation efforts for exotic and native plants alike.

Your gift will also help preserve endangered plants for future generations to enjoy.

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Above: Timelapse footage from early 2016 announcing the Gardens' second Corpse Flower bloom.

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