What’s beautiful now?

  • Economic Garden

    The Economic Garden demonstrates what a variety of fibres, oils, herbs and spices look like in their living plant form, before they’re harvested and processed into the many products we know and use today.

  • Victoria amazonica waterlily

    The beautiful and mysterious Victoria amazonica waterlily only flowers for 48 hours and uses its seductive fragrance to attract beetles for pollination. Flowers from September through April. Read more

  • Garden of Health

    The power of plants extends far beyond their beauty – for thousands of years plants have been used to heal the body, mind and soul. An iconic health and wellbeing demonstration garden (and a tranquil city retreat), the Garden of Health houses over 2,500 plants used to heal and promote wellbeing in western and non-western cultures. Read more

  • Nelumbo Pond

    The sacred lotus flower is in bloom at the Nelumbo pond until February Read more