Botanical Artist Talk - Lauren Black



When: 5:30pm - 6.30pm, Friday 28 June

Where: Lecture Theatre, Goodman Building, Adelaide Botanic Garden

Cost: FREE, but bookings required through Eventbrite

Join contemporary and botanical artist Lauren Black in this special talk and discover the journey of a painting. 

The place where an artwork begins and ends and the journey that takes place in between this space is often a mystery to the viewer, who sees only the perfectly completed painting on a gallery wall. 

In this talk, Lauren will take you through her personal journey with painting the very unique looking “insect-eating” plant, Cephalotus follicularis – a carnivorous pitcher plant from Western Australia. It’s a journey that took her from Malaysia to Australia, London to Florence. 

Come with Lauren on this illustrated talk to learn more about a fascinating plant and the work of a botanical artist. A Q&A will follow.

Richard Nunn, author of a new book about the carnivorous pitcher plant, will also be present to answer any botanical questions you may have about this unique and little known Australian plant.

About the artist

Lauren Black is a freelance artist who was born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1971. Out of a love for the Tasmanian wilderness, she reloacted to Hobart in 1999, where she now has a studio.

The recipient of numerous awards and residencies, Lauren’s most recent achievement was being awarded a Churchill Fellowship to the UK and Europe.  This allowed her to view botanical, medical and historical collections, and consider how contemporary artists are able to work with these collections in order to bring about new ways of public engagement. Seeing historical botanical paintings and herbarium specimens of Cephalotus follicularis was a highlight of this trip.

Lauren was also the winner of the inaugural Margaret Flockton Award for excellence in botanical illustration, NSW (2004) and has undertaken numerous residencies including the Asialink residency to Sri Lanka (2005), a one-year residency to Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia (2008/09) and a visual arts residency in Penang (2014).

Alongside a dedicated career of developing and exhibiting work focused on botanical collections, Lauren has an exciting contemporary arts practice where she draws on her skill set as a botanical artist and seeks continued inspiration from the botanical world.

You can learn more about Lauren’s arts practice by visiting her websites: and