Shared reckonings



Date: From 24 February - Sunday 2 May, 2021

Where: Santos Museum of Economic Botany, Schomburgk Pavilion, and the Deadhouse in Adelaide Botanic Garden, North Terrace, Adelaide.

Cost: Free

Experience a brand new artistic display by artist Catherine Truman.

The exhibition, presented at the Museum of Economic Botany and the Deadhouse within Adelaide Botanic Garden, is a creative response to an extraordinary year of research by Catherine Truman.

The talented local artist worked across the disciplines of plant science, ophthalmology and art, exploring the fascinating parallels between human sight, plant growth and the role of light.

Catherine's work, which is presented as part of the Adelaide Festival, combines photo-luminescent powders and thermoplastic with illuminating results.

You will not want to miss this enchanting and thought-provoking art display. 

Ghost by Catherine Truman.jpg  


Catherine Truman. ‘Ghost’. 2020.  Installation from ’Shared Reckonings’ . Thermoplastic, photoluminescent powders, crystal-cut aquamarine tears, light pad. 680x490x450mm

Image: Grant Hancock.


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