Short Course Series - 2020



Date: Tuesday 21 January - Tuesday 10 March, 2020

Times: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Where: Adelaide Botanic Garden, Goodman Building, Hackney Rd, Adelaide SA 5000

Cost: $35.00 per course + booking fee. Receive a 10% discount when you book into 3 or more courses.

** SOLD OUT **

Our new short course series are a great way to help you better understand plants and the natural world we live in.

This series of short sessions have been designed for people new to horticulture or those that would like to expand their gardening knowledge.

Presented by the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium of South Australia, each workshop will be delivered by industry experts, including our very own horticulturist and plant science experts.

The 2020 Short Course Series offers a number of topics designed to give a solid foundation into good gardening practices.

Stay up to date with the latest gardening and plant specialist techniques by booking into one or more of our short courses!

**To receive 10% discount when purchasing 3 or more tickets, please email to receive your discount code before you purchase.

Courses on offer

Introduction to Plant Science - Tuesday 21 January SOLD OUT

An insight into how plants work: the interactions between the environment and the plant's leaves, stems, roots and flowers, and the cellular processes which allow them to thrive.

Plant Identification - Tuesday 28 January SOLD OUT

Start the journey to becoming botanically literate. Learn about the relationships between form and function, ecology, systematics and evolution while learning about plant characteristics and principles used to classify them.

Plant Propagation Basics - Tuesday 11 February SOLD OUT

Develop an understanding of sexual and asexual propagation and discover the secrets so you can propagate your own plants.

Garden Design for beginners - Tuesday 18 February SOLD OUT

Learn the principles of garden design including site assessment, structural features and learning to work with what you've got. This short course will also cover soil preparation and plant nutrition, water efficiency, plant characteristics, which plants to plant, and various cultivation techniques.

The Secret is in the Soil Tuesday 25 February SOLD OUT

Soil is the foundation of every successful garden. Get the best out of your garden by developing an understanding of your soil's makeup and the methods used to improve it. Learn soil basics such as texture, structure, density, colour and the importance of organic matter and microbiology in relation to plant health. 

Pruning Techniques Tuesday 3 March SOLD OUT

 Rejuvenate old plantings, encourage growth and improve vitality of ornamental trees, shrubs, evergreen and deciduous trees. In this short course, develop the knowledge required for improving the vitality of your garden. Learn plant structure and physiology as it relates to correct pruning techniques, when to prune, and what tools to use.

Weeds, Pest and Disease Tuesday 10 March SOLD OUT

This short course combines all the pesky things that come to challenge us when maintaining our gardens. Learn the weeds, pest and diseases common to South Australia and methods of control. You'll also learn how to diagnose plant problems including identification of insect, nutrient related symptoms, and how to control the damage caused by applying cultural, biological and chemical strategies.

Bookings for each course close 1 week prior to course commencement, unless sold out.