The Santa Course in Adelaide Botanic Garden

Santa has been spotted in Adelaide Botanic Garden!

He joins a festive installation of ten enormous Santa's - some as tall as 9 metres - which have popped up across the city.

Together, they form part of an interactive ‘Santa Course’ which kids (and kids at heart) can follow to help the big fella complete his Santa chores and learn some Santa secrets along the way.

Each of the trail’s 10 giant Santas have their own personality, likes and dislikes, which unfold along the journey.

Can you find Santa the Suit at Adelaide Botanic Garden?

When Santa wears his Suit, he’s the business brains of the operation - your go-to in the North Pole.

He’s never been late in his life, and he knows every spreadsheet shortcut there is.

Just so you know, the magic of Christmas doesn’t happen magically. Well, it does and it doesn’t. So don’t be fooled. A whole lot of hard work goes into magic, and that’s where this guy comes in.

Likes: Spreadsheets, checking things twice, extra sugar in his coffee, referring Santa the Slacker to HR, his red tie.

Dislikes: The ATO, the phrase “Happy Monday”, meetings that could’ve been emails, late elves, forgetting to save his work.

The Santa Course can be downloaded by visiting the City of Adelaide website or hard copies are available at the Adelaide Visitor Information Centre (25 Pirie Street behind Adelaide Town Hall) or from selected Rundle Mall retailers.

Participants can find all 10 Santas for a chance to win! Tick off the Santas as you go and scan the QR code at each location.

PS) You can find Santa next to the Museum of Economic Botany at map reference F11.

The Santa Course is brought to you by the City of Adelaide.

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