Schomburgk Pavilion

The cultural heart of Adelaide Botanic Garden, Schomburgk Pavilion (named after the Gardens’ second director, Dr Richard Schomburgk) offers a variety of visitor services including Diggers Garden Shop, Café Fibonacci, the Visitor Information Centre and Santos Museum of Economic Botany.

  • Café Fibonacci

    Take in the view of the SA Water Mediterranean Garden while enjoying a a barister made coffee, tea or glass of wine. Open daily from 9am - 3pm, weather permitting. Read more

  • Diggers Garden Shop

    Indulge your gardening habit in the Diggers Garden Shop, the home of heirloom vegetables and flower seeds. Offering gardeners a wide range of seeds, gardening books, garden ware and botanic gifts, Diggers Garden Shop also provides access to the national network of gardeners through The Diggers Club. Read more

  • Visitor Information Centre

    Stocked with maps, brochures and info about the Garden and upcoming events, the Visitor Information Centre is staffed by volunteers from the invaluable Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide – they’ll point you in the right direction! Read more