What birds that call Adelaide Botanic Garden home?

Supporting urban wildlife

Adelaide Botanic Garden is a unique urban habitat containing wetlands, open lawns, and a large variety of plants, providing an important sanctuary for wildlife. Over 50 species of birds regularly visit the gardens and as many as 100 species have been observed here.

It is important to ensure we respectfully observe and respect the wildlife to ensure they continue to call it home. We welcome you to observe the birds but please avoid disturbing or feeding them.

The importance of urban greenspaces

With our population increasing and more people living in apartments or houses with little to no backyard, the need for healthy greenspaces has never been more important. Not only do trees and parks provide homes for our native wildlife and give us space for outdoor recreation, but they also help to reduce urban heat.

Four ways to attract native birds to your garden

  1. Native Plants - the right plants will provide food and shelter, while also attracting insects.
  2. Don't be too tidy - many birds feed on insects, and insects need places to live. It's ok to tolerate some natural scruffiness!
  3. Water - all birds need to drink, especially in hot weather. A bird bath is a great idea. Keeper water off the ground and keep it clean.
  4. Be mindful of pets - With cats and dogs, supervise or limit their time in your backyard to give birds a chance to visit.

Our most common birds

What birds that call Adelaide Botanic Garden home?

Australian Wood Duck | Chenonetta jubata

These birds nest in tree hollows - look out for fluffy ducklings in the spring. Soon after hatching, the ducklings leap to the ground from as high as 15 metres!

What birds that call Adelaide Botanic Garden home?

Rainbow Lorikeet | Trichoglossus haematodus

These colourful birds depend on tree hollows and feed primarily on nectar and pollen. They are social, acrobatic and noisy!

What birds that call Adelaide Botanic Garden home?

Australian White Ibis | Threskiornis molucca

As many wetlands have disappeared these adaptable birds have found an important sanctuary in cities especially the Botanic Gardens and Adelaide Parklands. (Pic credit: Kevin Williams)

What birds that call Adelaide Botanic Garden home?

Noisy Miner | Manorina melanocephala

These birds are social, noisy and territorial often seen chasing away other birds. Providing bushy shelter helps smaller birds avoid harassment. (Pic credit: John Fennell)

Adelaide National Park City

The international National Park City Foundation awarded Adelaide National Park City status in 2021. This made Adelaide the first city in Australia and the second in the world (after London) to receive the honour.

Being coin a National Park City means that our city has demonstrated that nature is important. It is the beginning of a movement to improve city life through everyday actions to enjoy the outdoors.

For more information visit www.adelaidenationalparkcity.org

Other wildlife

Check out our image gallery on this page for more exciting birdlife which you might spot on your journey through the garden.

Bird signage in our gardens is a proud initiative between Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Green Adelaide, Birds SA, Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and Nature Play SA.

Find out more information on wildlife in the gardens here.

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