What’s beautiful now?

Autumn colours

From late March to June, see northern hemisphere plants transform the Garden into colourful autumnal scenes. A combination of ash, liquidambers, maples and a range of other trees develop into glorious shades of gold, amber, reds, burgundy and browns, and are a treat for the eyes and soul. See panoramic views from the Main Lake, around the duck pond and in the woodland.

Fern Gully

Explore one of Australia’s richest fern collections, with tall tree ferns extending out of the gully as you climb among the vines and shrubs. High-rainfall plants from Australia and New Zealand create a temperate rainforest that’s cool and inviting year-round.

Duck pond

The picture-perfect duck pond is a delight with daylilies and giant 'rhubarb' surrounding it, and waterlilies floating on its surface. A peaceful and scenic place to take photos and paint.

Echinacea and Rudbeckia

These colourful coneflowers are native to North America and often found in open forest and prairies but we're lucky to have them situated in display beds near the upper car park.

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