Visitor information



As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is temporarily closed in the interest of public health and safety.  

We appreciate that Autumn is peak visitation time for Mount Lofty Botanic Garden and that this decision will impact many of you.

For more information on the closure, please see our latest news.

Stay on top of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium's response to the COVID-19 pandemic here and follow us via our social media channels for regular updates.



Opening times Closing times
  • Monday - Friday 8:30am
  • Weekends and public holidays 10:00am
  • Monday - Friday 4pm
  • Weekends and public holidays 5pm
  • Weekends during daylight savings 6pm

Fire danger

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is closed on days when the fire danger rating is severe, extreme or catastrophic. Please check the ratings prior to visiting during the fire season.



Location and Map

Summit Rd or Piccadilly Rd, Crafers SA 5152, Australia.

Download the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden map.

Entrances: Summit Road, Crafers (Upper Entrance) or Lampert Road, Piccadilly (Lower Entrance)

Getting there

From Adelaide, Mount Lofty Botanic Garden is barely a 25-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD, following the Princes Highway and National Highway M1, taking the Crafers exit.

From there, either following Summit Road to reach the Upper Carpark,  or Piccadilly Road/Lampert Road for the Lower Carpark.

Check Adelaide Metro for public transport services into the Garden.


Ticketed car parking is available via Mawson Drive or Lampert Rd using coin-operated vending machines.

Zone Duration Rate
Mon-Sat per hour
Sundays & Public Holidays
Upper car park Garden opening hours  $1 for first hour
or $3 for the day 

Lower car park

Garden opening hours  $1 for first hour
or $3 for the day 

 Find out more about parking.

Please note that all large coaches can only access Mount Lofty Botanic Garden via the Lower Car Park off Lampert Road.



There are disabled facilities at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden and the Lakeside Trail offers universal access. This scenic sculpture-dotted route is accessible to everyone, including the disabled. Each piece of the interpretation has been translated and embossed in braille for people with vision impairments, and an audio trail has also been developed to complement the trail (available through the MyParx app).


Botanic gardens are different from public parks in that they're living museums, filled with valuable living collections. For this reason some activities - such as allowing dogs to roam the Garden - have the potential to damage or destroy valuable plants.

Botanic Gardens are also internationally-regarded as places for visitors to seek peace beauty and tranquillity, so activities that impede this (such as the use of drones) are also discouraged. You must not:

  • Bring dogs or other pets into the Garden
  • Fly drones in or above the Garden (under CASA guidelines. Learn more at our Filming and Photography page)
  • Ride bikes / bicycles, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades
  • Drive vehicles into the Garden
  • Damage or remove plants
  • Enter garden beds
  • Bring alcohol into the Garden
  • Play ball or throwing games
  • Bring BBQs into the Garden


The Botanic Gardens of South Australia are home to a huge variety of bird and animal life that are attracted to the Gardens’ flora. We do, however, ask that you do not feed the wildlife. Find out more about animal welfare and the Botanic Gardens of South Australia.