What’s beautiful now?

Ficus walk

Evergreen plants throughout the Garden are a delight every month. Wonder at the towering and majestic Moreton Bay Figs down Ficus Walk or along Plane Tree Drive in Botanic Park (D7 and A8-14 on the map).

Sunken Garden

Colourful succulents blooming in late winter/early spring make this secret nook a vibrant part of the Garden with scenic views over the wetlands. When summer arrives, see the Sunken Garden's waterlily-filled pond. 14 on the map.

Amazon Waterlily

Nestled between giant lily pads, see the beautiful Victoria amazonica waterlily flower in this warm glasshouse. Accompanied by Blue Nile Waterlilies, the pond and its surrounding plants are a botanical wonder of the natural world. Learn more

Jasmine arbours

Our star jasmine arches are coming into their own and bursting into bloom. Learn more

International Rose Garden

The stunning International Rose Garden displays over 2,500 roses, and is a sea of vibrant colour from spring to autumn! Learn more

Wollemi Pine

Described as the botanical find of the century, the prehistoric Wollemi Pine dates back to the time of dinosaurs! Learn more

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Goodman Building restoration works wins industry award

18 July 2023

Have you ever driven past the beautiful heritage-listed Goodman Building when passing the Garden on Hackney Road? Did you know this building was formerly the base for the Municipal Tramways Trust but now serves as the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium administration building.