What’s beautiful now?

Ficus walk

Evergreen plants throughout the Garden are a delight every month. Wonder at the towering and majestic Moreton Bay Figs down Ficus Walk or along Plane Tree Drive in Botanic Park (D7 and A8-14 on the map).

Economic Garden

The Economic Garden demonstrates what a variety of fibres, oils, herbs and spices look like in their living plant form, before they’re harvested and processed into the many products we know and use today.

Amazon Waterlily

Nestled between giant lily pads, see the beautiful Victoria amazonica waterlily flower in this warm glasshouse. Accompanied by Blue Nile Waterlilies, the pond and its surrounding plants are a botanical wonder of the natural world. Learn more

International Rose Garden

The stunning International Rose Garden displays over 2,500 roses, and is a sea of vibrant colour from spring to autumn! Learn more

Wollemi Pine

Described as the botanical find of the century, the prehistoric Wollemi Pine dates back to the time of dinosaurs! Learn more

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