Six things to do at Adelaide Botanic Garden in winter

Date posted: 09 July 2019

A good dose of nature is an effective way to banish the winter blues. Don’t be put off by the cold and rain - we have plenty of indoor spots at Adelaide Botanic Garden where nature and shelter go hand in hand.

Bicentennial Conservatory
Discover a lush collection of lowland rainforest plants from northern Australia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Meander through the rainforest canopy on the upper walkway, and wind through the forest floor on the lower walkway in this enchanting botanical conservatory.

Amazon Waterlily Pavilion
Gaze into the tranquil waters of the 1868-built pond to see the exotic Victoria amazonica waterlily from South America’s Amazon River. But it’s not just metre-wide waterlilies you can see in here; look out for the plants that give us coffee, vanilla and pineapples in this beautiful, sheltered spot.

Palm House
Enjoy the warmth of this iconic, heritage-listed glass house showcasing fascinating plants from Madagascar, some of which are threatened in the wild. Listen to the gently falling water of the Victorian-era grotto, which is embedded with ancient coral sourced from the Black Forest of Germany.

Santos Museum of Economic Botany
In this historic building you can find out about the vital role of plants in our lives. Be spellbound as you peek into a cabinet of curiosities, discover enormous seeds shaped like bottoms, and marvel at fungi papier-mâché models crafted over a hundred years ago. While you’re there, you can enjoy the latest exhibition from artist Kath Inglis, who has created PVC creations inspired by marine algae collections found at the State Herbarium.

North Lodge
Until 14 July, see and vote for your favourite photo in the latest exhibition by the Friends of the Botanic Garden’s photography group. See images of all three botanic gardens (Adelaide, Wittunga and Mount Lofty) in all their glory. This cosy retreat also houses a permanent range of goodies available to purchase, from botanical art to plants grown from garden-foraged seeds and cuttings.

Garden Kiosk and Botanic Restaurant
There are plenty of sheltered picnic spots in Adelaide Botanic Garden including the Summer House, Barber Shop Rotunda and Francis Arbour. But if you don’t fancy packing your own lunch, try the Simpson Kiosk which offers a casual (and heated) dining experience near the picturesque setting of the Main Lake. For a fine dining experience, head to Botanic Gardens Restaurant, with its stunning views and award-winning food.

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