Corn Varieties

Date posted: 23 November 2014

There are many different varieties of corn, here’s some examples –

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is the type of corn people grow at home in their vegetable gardens, and the type growing in the City Crop right now.

Sweet corn can be eaten in a variety of ways including fresh, grilled, steamed or boiled on the cob.

The kernels are also used in a number of cuisines and recipes such as salsa, stir-fry and soup. Sweet corn kernels can be removed fresh from the cob or bought canned or frozen in the supermarket.

Sweet corn cobs, or ears, are harvested before the seeds begin to harden.

Field Corn

Field corn, or dent corn, is one of the most widely grown varieties of corn, especially throughout America.

While field corn is mostly used as food for stock it can be processed and included in many household products.

Field corn is hard on the outside and starchy on the inside.


Popcorn is a special type of corn that retains more water in its kernels than other varieties.

When the kernel is heated the water also heats up. This builds up so much pressure that it pops!

As it pops the kernel turns itself inside out resulting in light, fluffy (and yummy) popcorn!

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