Adelaide Botanic Garden & Botanic Park in a Fruit Fly Red Outbreak Area.

13 May 2021

Date posted: 07 May 2021

Adelaide Botanic Garden and Botanic Park are now in a fruit fly RED OUTBREAK AREA.

While the flies themselves will not affect you on your visit, it may impact what food you choose to bring to the garden or park.

If you have certain fruit or vegetables with you, please consume or dispose of them on site. Please do not take them out of the garden or park.

Dedicated bins are provided at the:

  • Main Gate – North Terrace entrance
  • Friends’ Gate – Botanic Park entrance
  • Mulberry Arbour - by the restaurant lawn, west of Ficus Avenue
  • Humpback Bridge – over the Main Lake

Please do not use the general waste bins for your at-risk fruit and vegetable waste.

Thank you for your cooperation. The impact of the current fruit fly outbreaks is in your hands.

For more information, visit
or call the Fruit Fly Hotline 1300 666 010

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