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National Tree Day 2015 - Sunday, July 26

National Tree Day 2015 - Sunday, July 26

Date posted: 20 July 2015

This Sunday, July 26 is National Tree Day and Adelaide and Wittunga Botanic Gardens are taking part in the celebrations!

At Adelaide Botanic Garden you can discover some of the garden’s most significant trees with a free one-hour guided walk, thanks to the Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide (2-3pm).

Once the walk is finished, the National Tree Day celebrations continue with a tree planting (Eucalyptus camaldulensis OR river red gum) at Botanic Park (3pm).

Earlier on at Wittunga Botanic Garden in suburban Blackwood, the Friends are also hosting a one-hour guided walk – this one taking in Wittunga’s wonderful wattles (10:30-11:30am).

Following that you can watch on as an Acacia pycantha (golden wattle) is planted and added to Wittunga’s collection (11:30am).

If you really want to get in on the action – why not take part in both!

2015 marks 20 years of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day celebrations, which began to give Australians an opportunity to do something positive for their local environment and community, and to reconnect with nature.

More than three-million people have planted 21 million trees and plants as part of National Tree Day since the first one in 1996!

National Tree Day at Wittunga
Guided walk and tree planting
Where: Wittunga Botanic Garden, Shepherds Hill Rd, Blackwood (meet in carpark at 2pm)
When: Sunday, July 26, 10:30am - 11:30am (guided walk), 11:30am - 12pm (tree planting)

National Tree Day at Adelaide
Guided walk and tree planting
Where: Adelaide Botanic Garden, North Terrace (meet at Friends' Gate, Plane Tree Drive)
When: Sunday, July 26, 2-3pm (guided walk), 3-3:30pm (tree planting, Botanic Park)

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