Parking and access during O-Bahn construction FAQ

30 June 2016

Date posted: 30 June 2016

Spotted the roadworks along Hackney Road? Never fear, you can still access Adelaide Botanic Garden and its carparks with ease!

How is access to and from Adelaide Botanic Garden currently affected by Hackney Road roadworks?

Hackney Road is still open, and you can still easily access the Garden, the Goodman Building carpark, and Plane Tree Drive from Hackney Road.

Vehicles travelling to the Garden along Dequetteville Terrace, Hackney Road (both ways), or North Tce/Botanic Road (exiting the city), can all easily travel through the road works and still turn into the Goodman Building carpark and/or Plane Tree Drive.

If you're travelling west to the Garden along North Terrace (towards the city), it’s a bit more complicated. You will need to turn left on to Dequeteville Terrace, and then go around the block (via Rundle Road, then East Terrace, then North Terrace/Botanic Road), and then turn left onto Hackney Road (as you are exiting the city) to reach the Garden. This is because vehicles are currently unable to turn right from North Terrace into Hackney Road.

If you're keen to exit the Goodman Building carpark or Plane Tree Drive and head south along Hackney Road, you'll first have to turn left/head north and then find a safe place to do a U-turn.

Is parking affected? Where can I park?

Parking is still currently available in the Garden’s Goodman Building carpark, and along Plane Tree Drive – there are minor disruptions due to the works, but these carparks are still easily accessible when travelling both ways along Hackney Road. Visit our parking page for more information on these spaces.

What are the roadworks on Hackney Road for? When will they be completed?

The works along Hackney Road are for the State Government’s O-Bahn City Access Project, which will improve travel times and reliability for users of the O-Bahn service between Gilberton and Grenfell Street.

This project includes the creation of centrally-aligned priority bus lanes along Hackney Road and a dedicated bus tunnel from adjacent the National Wine Centre to near Grenfell Street.

Project completion is planned for late 2017 and temporary changes to traffic access is required during construction.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s O-Bahn City Access Project website for the most up-to-date information, or call the Project Information Line on 1300 443 198.

Visit the Adelaide Metro website for updates on any impacts to O-Bahn or other Adelaide Metro services or to plan your journey. To better plan your private vehicle journeys, regularly visit the Traffic SA website. To plan your cycling route visit the Cycle Instead website.

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