Growing corn in pots

Date posted: 24 July 2014

Don’t have a garden? Don’t let that stop you!

You can still watch your corn seeds grow at home by planting them in pots.

Follow these easy steps

  • Fill jiffy pots (small biodegradable pots that can be planted directly in the soil) with good quality general potting mix, not garden soil.
  • Push your seeds (one per jiffy pot) into the potting mix until covered and water each pot.
  • Within five to seven days your seeds should start germinating.
  • Within two to three weeks your plants should be around 10-15cm tall with good root penetration, this means you should see the roots growing through the jiffy pot.
  • Remove the jiffy pots from their tray keeping the plant and pot together.
  • Plant each jiffy pot in a 200mm pot (1 pot per jiffy) using good quality potting mix and making sure the jiffy pot is fully covered.
  • Place the pots in a position with maximum sunlight.
  • Water and fertilise your corn regularly.

If you didn’t join us at the Royal Adelaide Show you can buy True Gold corn (the variety we’re planting in the City Crop), and all the gardening supplies you need, from The Diggers Shop in Adelaide Botanic Garden.

In approximately 14 weeks your corn plants should be mature, reaching between 1.5 and 2 metres tall and with corn cobs ready to be eaten.

Happy gardening!

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