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Revisiting Jack Kuhndt
19 December 2019

Now that it's come to an end, Jack reflects on his experience as part of the Aboriginal School Based Trainee Programme.

Things are starting to heat up
15 November 2019

Things are starting to heat up

South Aussie seed on new postage stamp!
08 October 2019

Flinders Ranges plants have a new home in Adelaide
02 October 2019

Find out how we are conserving native Flinders Ranges plants in Adelaide Botanic Garden..

Travelling into spring in the Kitchen Garden
26 September 2019

Travelling into spring

Spot the Native Orchid!
06 September 2019

Check out the native orchids that have been spotted around the Botanic Gardens coming into spring.

All "sweet" with potatoes
08 August 2019

All "sweet" with potatoes

August in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden
07 August 2019

Companion planting and snails!

Six things to do at Adelaide Botanic Garden in winter
09 July 2019

Don’t be put off by the cold and rain; we have plenty of indoor spots to enjoy nature at Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Winter Gardening Tips
07 June 2019

While it’s cold outside, work in the garden will give you a warm glow in both body and mind.

Avocado Admiration
15 April 2019

Avocados are popping up in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden

Harvest Time
04 April 2019

Eggplant, basil and silverbeet are coming up!

Planting seeds and Dragon Fruit
28 March 2019

Planting seeds and Dragon Fruit

The worms are back!
26 March 2019

The worms are back!

Harmony Day in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden
25 March 2019

Harmony Day in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden

Meet Jack Kuhndt – our newest trainee
09 November 2018

Jack joins us as part of the School Based Trainee Programme - a fantastic horticulture programme for Aboriginal students

Volunteers spruce up Rose Garden in time for World convention
28 September 2018

A big thank you to our volunteers who have been busy sprucing up the International Rose Garden with plants donated from l

Volunteers helping to save endangered plants
31 August 2018

Friends of the Botanic Gardens volunteers have been busy preparing tiny seedlings of an endangered native plant.

The people have spoken!
16 April 2018

Meet the 2018 National Rose Trial Garden People's Choice winner!

Happy International Day of Forests!
21 March 2018

Check out these spots in our Botanic Gardens to get your forest fix.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 173 results