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A gift that stinks

05 February 2021

On Christmas night 2020, a gift was revealed at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden that truly stank. A gift that whiffs of rotting flesh or an extremely pungent blue cheese, depending on who you ask.

What a spring we had!

03 December 2020

Giant pumpkins and spring harvest in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden

Autumn Antics

22 May 2020

Autumn activity in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden

Revisiting Jack Kuhndt

19 December 2019

Now that it's come to an end, Jack reflects on his experience as part of the Aboriginal School Based Trainee Programme - a hands-on horticulture programme for Aboriginal students, sponsored by Santos.

South Aussie seed on new postage stamp!

08 October 2019

Australia Post has today released a selection of stamps that highlight the importance of seed banking. One of them features a rare South Australian grass, Cleland's Wallaby-Grass.