Planting your corn seeds.

Date posted: 22 September 2014

We hope you’ll join us in Adelaide Botanic Garden on 26 October to help plant our City Corn Crop. Stay tuned to these updates for all the information you need to grow delicious sweet corn, and for the first opportunity to book your place at our Planting Day.

Thanks to those who visited our City Crop stall at the Royal Adelaide Show, make sure you read our e-Newsletters for all the information you need to complete your corn poster.

Looking for some corn inspiration? Check out this amazing video of True Gold sweet corn plants growing in our Nursery.

Last week we covered tips for selecting and preparing the site for your sweet corn. In this edition it’s time to plant!

When planting your corn seeds there are a few things you can do to give your plants the best chance to pollinate. Pollination is important as it ensures your crop will produce delicious sweet corn cobs for you to eat.

How to plant your corn seeds

The most important thing you need to remember when planting your corn is…

Plant in a pattern

Arrange your seeds in a block pattern (as displayed in the image gallery on the right of this page) and space them 20cm apart. This will give your plants the best chance to pollinate.


Thoroughly water the soil so it is nice and damp.

Create a space

Make a small hole in the ground for each seed, following the pattern displayed. As a rule of thumb each hole should be around twice the depth of the seed, so approximately 1.5cm deep.

Plant your seeds

Place each seed in a prepared hole, lightly cover with soil and pat down gently.

Water... again

Once the soil has dried out give your plot a light water. Not too much, don’t flood the seeds or they will become waterlogged.

Don’t have a garden? Don’t let that stop you! Visit our blog for everything you need to start growing your corn in pots.

In the City Crop we’re planting heirloom sweet corn variety, True Gold. If you would like to do the same at home visit The Diggers Shop in Adelaide Botanic Garden for everything you need.

Next week we’ll give you some important tips for nurturing your crop as it grows.

Happy gardening!

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