Growing Corn

Date posted: 25 July 2014

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Getting Started

The best time to plant your corn seeds is in late September or October when the soil is starting to warm up. Perfect for little corn seeds!

Selecting your site

Whether you’re growing sweet corn at home or with us in Adelaide Botanic Garden there are a few things to consider.

Before your seeds hit the soil you need to select and prepare the site for your crop.

Getting this step right can give your seeds a head start, here’s some tips -

Full sun is essential

Choose a nice, sunny patch in your garden, taking into account shade from surrounding buildings and trees. Make sure you don’t prepare your patch in the shade.

Clear the area

Remove any rubble including rocks, concrete or old structures. This ensures you have a clear space to work in.

Remove weeds

Check the area and remove any weeds, especially persistent perennials as these are recurring weeds that live for a number of years. It is much easier to remove weeds before you plant than when your crop is established.

For more information about preparing your veggie patch head to the Kitchen Gardens SA website.

Don't have a garden? Don't let that stop you! Read our Growing corn in pots blog for everything you need to get started.

In next week's blog we’ll cover planting your seeds and share some tips to give your corn the best chance to pollinate.

Happy gardening!

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