Caring for your corn

Date posted: 30 September 2014

We hope you’ll join us in Adelaide Botanic Garden on 26 October to help plant our City Corn Crop. Stay tuned to these updates for all the information you need to grow delicious sweet corn, and for the first opportunity to book your place at our Planting Day.

We have already covered preparing your site and planting your corn, this week we’ll share some tips to care for your crop as it grows.

There’s a few things you can do to nurture your corn -


Adequate water is vital to successfully growing corn, especially when hot, dry periods coincide with rapid growth and tassel and cob development. Keep an eye on your plants, and the weather, and make sure they get enough water. For more information on watering your plants head to the Kitchen Gardens SA website.

Feed your corn

Corn is a ‘heavy feeder’ which means it might need some fertiliser along the way. It is best to fertilise your plants early in the growing season so they have all the nutrients they need to develop. You can use a fish emulsion, blood and bone mix, or manure, which can be purchased from any hardware store or The Diggers Shop in Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Garden hygiene

Just like in our homes good hygiene is important in the garden. To prevent the spread of weeds wash your hands, tools and footwear regularly with hot, soapy water.

In approximately 14 weeks you should be able to enjoy delicious corn fresh from your garden!

In the City Crop we're planting True Gold heirloom sweet corn. Make sure you read next week's edition to learn all about what heirloom means and for the first opportunity to book your place at Planting Day in Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Happy gardening!

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