Primary experiences

Food Glorious Food

Students are led through a trail in the Garden, investigating a range of plants grown for food here & abroad.

Plant Adaptations

Students will investigate plant adaptation through two extreme environments - the desert and the rainforest.

Project Space Botany

Can you survive one year living on Mars, using plants and experimental technologies?

Rainforest Experience

This trail allows students to explore the layers and biodiversity of the rainforest.

Sensory and Wellbeing Trail

Children use sight, scent, sound and touch to learn about the various plants on display.

STEM Bees and Pollination

Unlock your students STEM skills to investigate the essential roles of bees in pollination

STEM Wetland Water Scientific Analysis

Students will investigate the effectiveness of First Creek Wetland as a means of water purification and recycling.

Wetland Experience

Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden's First Creek Wetland and discover first-hand how these integral habitats work.

Aboriginal Plant Use & Artefact Lesson

Let Aboriginal storyteller, educator and guide, Trent Hill from Indigenous Culture for Kids, lead students on a plant use or culture trail.

Native Plant Trail & Cultural Artefacts

Discover the rich and diverse culture of Australia's First Nations with Kumarninthi Cultural Education

Heaps Good Productions

Join acclaimed children's entertainer & science communicator Michael Mills on a series of walks around the Garden.


Self-guided learning experiences at the Gardens are available for school classes free of charge.