Sensory and Wellbeing Trail

Immerse yourself in the beautiful natural environment of Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Spend time connecting with nature, which has been proven to help boost overall health and wellbeing, improve concentration and help reduce anxiety.

Along the trail, students are encouraged to experience the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that nature provides.

Along the trail, students have the opportunity to take part in short activities, designed to help boost connection with their surroundings.

Students will:

  • Explore their surroundings through a lens of nature based wellbeing
  • Use their senses to connect to nature
  • Experience how nature can be used to help self-regulate and increase wellbeing

Curriculum links:

The sensory and wellbeing trail can be adapted to suit the age of your cohort.

  • Health and PE
  • Visual Arts

Duration: 60 minutes

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Pre and post learnings:

We are excited to offer a suite of educational resources on The Science of Wellbeing to use in the classroom in conjunction with your visit to the Botanic Garden and State Herbarium.

Click HERE to explore the resources on the following topics.

Topic One: Wellbeing and Nature

Topic Two: Our Bodies in Nature

Topic Three: The History of Wellbeing

Topic Four: Green Space and Urban Environments