Plant Adaptations

Explore different biomes found at the Adelaide Botanic Garden and observe how plants have adapted over thousands of years to suit their environments.

Students will experience a variety flora from the desert to the rainforest and learn about the fascinating ways that plants and animals interact within an ecosystem.

Throughout the trail, there are opportunities for students to observe and record their findings, compare physical adaptations between biomes and come up with their own hypothesis from their findings.

Students will:

  • Investigate how conditions in different biomes affect living things
  • Observe how plants and animals adapt to stimuli in their environment
  • Understand how structural and behavioural adaptations enable survival in habitats

Curriculum links:

  • Science

Duration: 60 minutes

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Pre and post learnings:

We are excited to offer a suite of digital educational resources on Adaptations in Nature to use in the classroom in conjunction with your visit to the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium.

Click HERE to explore the digital learning resources on the following topics.

Topic One: Adaptations in Nature

Topic Two: Biome Study; Desert

Topic Three: Biome Study; Wetlands

Topic Four: Biome Study; Rainforest