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Flora of South Australia

The Flora of South Australia provides information on all vascular plants that are native to, or naturalised in the State. Each family or large group is published as individual treatments. Each treatment is released as they become available. Most species are illustrated with line drawings or photographs. Details on their distribution, ecology and identification keys to family, genus, species and subspecific entities are also included.

The 5th edition of the Flora of South Australia is edited and coordinated by Dr Jürgen Kellermann in collaboration with the editorial committee including P. Canty, R.M. Barker, Dr J.P. Jessop, Dr P.J. Lang, Prof. A.J. Lowe, Dr H.R. Toelken and Prof. M. Waycott. More than 60 contributors from South Australia, interstate and overseas have written chapters and treatments for the Flora.

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The life and times of a Titan Arum

06 January 2023

The Titan Arum, or Corpse Flower, is known for its notorious smell - but did you know these plants have a fascinating life up to 10 years prior to the stinky inflorescent bloom?