Australia's Virtual Herbarium

Australia's Virtual Herbarium (AVH) links databases relating to millions of specimens in Australia's major herbaria. It is the only online database depicting plant distributions for an entire continent.

The AVH arose from the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria's advisory committee HISCOM and its preceding working groups in the late 1980s. The first prototype was developed as part of the eFloraSA project in 1997-98 in a close collaboration between the State Herbarium and the Computing Sciences Department, University of Adelaide (now a partner in eResearch SA).

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Other herbaria

Australian herbaria and reference sites

Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Australian National Herbarium
Australian Plant Names Index
Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research
Flora of Tasmania Online
FloraBase - the Western Australian Flora
National Herbarium of NSW
National Herbarium of Victoria
New South Wales Flora Online
Northern Territory Herbarium
NT Vascular Plant Species
Queensland Herbarium
Tasmanian Herbarium
Western Australia Herbarium

Australian plant systematic journals

Australian Systematic Botany
Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter
Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

International herbaria

Index Herbariorum: A Global Directory of Public Herbaria
Kew Herbarium

Other links

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ABRS databases and online resources
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Australian Plant Census (APC)
Australian Plant Image Index
FloraBase – the Western Australian flora
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