Workshops and Masterclasses



Masterclasses are specialist courses designed to extend your expertise on gardening, plants and all things horticulture. Our Masterclasses put you face-to-face with industry experts from the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, who will share their immense horticultural knowledge and skills. 

Masterclasses are open to everyone from home gardeners to those employed in the horticultural field. They are a fantastic professional development opportunity and also make the perfect gift for plant enthusiasts. 

Masterclasses are continually added, so sign up for the Botanic Gardens’ Training and Workshops e-newsletter to be among the first to learn about these opportunities.

Masterclass: Plant Propagation

Dates: 26 May, 22 Sep

Discover how to succeed with seedlings, take cuttings of rare plants and save money!

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Masterclass: Advanced Plant Propagation

Dates: 11 and 29 Aug

Dig deeper into advanced propagation techniques from seed to stem

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Masterclass: Australian Native Bonsai

Dates: 27 Oct

Learn about the ancient art and science of Bonsai using Australian native plants

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Masterclass: The Art of Bonsai

Dates: 16 May, 10 Nov

Learn about the ancient art and science of Bonsai

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Workshop: Topiary Craft

Dates: 29 May and 6 Oct

Join this practical and hands-on workshop to discover how to grow your own topiary collection

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Workshop: Demystifying Orchids

Date: 8 September 

Learn how to propagate and grow your own orchids - it's easier than you think

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Curator's Tour

Date: 25 August

Tour Mount Lofty Botanic Garden and discover insights into our collection of Camellias, Magnolias and Rhododendron

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Designing with Plants

Date: 6 Aug

Discover how to use plants to create a design that gives your garden the look, feel and personality you want.

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Exploring Chinese and Japanese Garden Design

Date: 12 Sept

Oriental Gardens are beautiful, serene places. Learn how to create your own Oriental garden using Australian plants and resources.

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Introduction to Landscape Design: Getting the basics

Dates: 23 and 30 May

In this two-day course you will learn about the foundations of landscape design and develop the skills to create a garden that feels good, performs for you, has longevity and evolves to provide you with shade, shelter, privacy and protection.

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Plants in the Built Environment

Dates: 13 and 20 June (two half-day course)

Got a snug back yard or balcony? Learn how to bring your built-up space to life with plants.

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Rooftop Gardens and Green Walls

Date: 20 August

Find out how rooftop gardens and green walls can bring life and nature into your small space.

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Understanding the Language of Plants

Date: 15 August

Speak Plant! Adaptations like glossy leaves or large veins can tell us what a plant needs, and what you can do to help your plants thrive.

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