STEM Bees and Pollination

Explore the fascinating world of bees and pollination in this interactive session at Adelaide Botanic Garden.

During this experience, students learn about the essential role that bees have in pollination and learn about the importance that bees have around the world.

Your botanical educator will guide the class through the difference between honeybees and Australian native bees as well as other pollinators.

Learn about how to encourage bees to home, school or community gardens and the benefits of having more bees around and conduct an audit of the different pollinators that visit the Garden.

Students will:

  • Investigate pollination and its importance
  • Learn about the science of plant sexual reproduction
  • Inquire, record and hypothesise about the impact of pollination

Curriculum links:

  • Year 3 to 7 Science
  • Year 9 Science

Duration: 60 minutes

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