Evergreen Deli

Welcome to Evergreen Deli

Step into a world where nature's beauty unfolds on your plate.

Our newly renovated haven celebrates the Gardens' essence, offering a brunch menu that's not just inspired by nature but infused with its very spirit.

Savour our gourmet sandwiches, crafted with care and served on freshly baked focaccia right from our ovens. These delectable bites are the epitome of botanical influence, making every mouthful a journey through nature's flavours.

Pair your experience with a barista-made coffee that perfectly complements our house-made cakes and sweets, enhancing every sunny day spent in the gardens.

Alternatively, let the serenity of the Mediterranean Garden envelop you as you relish a charcuterie platter, accompanied by a glass of local wine or beer.

For a truly enchanting experience, why not pre-order a gourmet picnic box? These culinary delights invite you to a leisurely escape within the Gardens' embrace.

Discover more about these offerings here.

Evergreen Deli

Opening hours

8:30am - 4:00pm

Please note that the deli closes on Christmas Day.

Evergreen Deli is managed by the multi award winning team at Blanco Horner Hospitality Management.



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