Australian Native Garden

The Australian Native Garden showcases innovative and artistic ways of using native plants on a domestic scale.

These include examples of native plants used for hedging, structural planting, screening vegetation, as specimen plants, formal and informal garden beds, in pots, and as copses of trees.

The design works with existing site conditions, utilising existing features of the site such as the heritage stone wall and a variety of different sun and shade conditions.

Plant species have been selected to minimise water use with the aim of using only rainwater collected from adjacent rooves for irrigation. A 25,000 litre rainwater tank feeds into under-mulch drip irrigation.

The garden is designed around sustainable landscaping principles such as design for local conditions, low water use and non-invasive plant selection, water conservation practices, habitat for local fauna, minimal chemical use, minimal non-renewable energy consumption, and use of local and sustainably sourced materials.

All plants are either locally indigenous to the Adelaide plains, native to other parts of Australia or Australian cultivars or hybrids.

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