Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Garden showcases plants from the five Mediterranean climates around the world:

  • South-western Australia
  • South Africa
  • Central Chile
  • California
  • The Mediterranean Basin

The plants that live in these places are well adapted for Mediterranean climates, just like southern South Australia where it's seasonally dry with frequent fire. Many of these plants have features that enable them to conserve water during dry times and take advantage of the rain when it does fall. As you wander through the garden, you’ll discover the diversity, resilience and beauty of these plants.

There are three major elements to the garden – a water rill, interpretive spine and geographical drifts – that together tell the stories of Mediterranean plants. From them you will learn about the connections these plants have with people from different cultures and how they can help us live more sustainably in our environment.

The Mediterranean Garden highlights how careful plant selection and thoughtful garden design can be used to create stunning garden displays that are also use water wisely.

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