Primary years

Bees, Pollination and Sustainability

Unlock your students STEM skills to investigate the essential roles of bees in pollination Learn more

Aboriginal Plant Use

This trail investigates the rich relationships between Australian Aboriginal people and plants. Learn more

Aboriginal Science and Sustainability - self-guided only at this time

Students are led through a trail through in our Mallee Section, discussing science, sustainability & plant use. Learn more

Ancient Egypt

Students led along this trail will learn about the beliefs, values and practices of the Ancient Egyptians. Learn more

Food Glorious Food

Students are led through a trail in the Garden, investigating a range of plants grown for food here & abroad. Learn more

Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden Learning Program

Teaching the benefits of growing fresh produce and healthy eating habits to early-years and pre-school groups. Learn more

Plant Adaptations

Students will investigate plant adaptation through two extreme environments - the desert and the rainforest. Learn more

Plant and Seed Conservation - self-guided only at this time

Students on this new trail will learn about a range of South Australian plant species, their threats and biology. Learn more

Rainforest Experience

This trail allows students to explore the layers and biodiversity of the rainforest. Learn more

Spice Trail - self-guided only at this time

Students will observe & analyse spices that travelled historic routes, discussing how life changed as a result. Learn more

Wetland Experience

Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden's First Creek Wetland and discover first-hand how these integral habitats work. Learn more

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