Insect Investigators

Dates: 23 January

Time: 10am - 12:45pm

Location: Museum of Economic Botany lawn, Adelaide Botanic Garden

Tickets: $5 per child. Parents/carers attend free. Please note that all children must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver at all times.


Explore and investigate the tiny and wonderful world of insects at Adelaide Botanic Garden at this awesome, interactive workshop.

Join Erinn from the University of Adelaide to understand the role of citizen science, discover the biodiversity within Adelaide Botanic Garden and investigate a range of insects under the microscope.

Each workshop will start with some education about the Insect Investigators project and citizen science.

This will be followed by learning about the use of special insect collecting nets and a walk around the gardens where you get to apply your net-catching skills - you'll then bring back your findings to investigate under a microscope to see what you've discovered.

This workshop will help you to learn and understand how this knowledge can be applied back in your own home, schools and communities.

Insect Investigators is a collaborative citizen science project which aims to involve Australian schools in the efforts to document, discover and describe Australia's unique invertebrate biodiversity. This project is currently led by the South Australian Museum. Find out more here.

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